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Free Internet Broadband! But you must pay first?

June 1, 2012

Is that not a contradiction? Recently the FCC announced that anyone could use the so-called “while space” for Internet access. But it has taken almost two years to actually make this really happen . And now some opportunists out there say you ought to pay out some money to make sure it is legal! Really?

Example. Let’s say you live in arena inside the USA where you can not get channel 9. That channel has been widely used in other places for educational television. So it is not a commercial concern. Next you courage your students in a high school drama class to broadcast a high-school play over that unused channel during the evening hours. The electronics lab has a low-power transmitter with a range of about 5 miles, more or less.A retired engineer asserts you are inside the rules. There is no reason to doubt him.

Do you have to pay somebody to check your research and make sure that that channel is not in use in your area? How absurd! A volunteer engineer has already told you exactly what the law says. So why pay anybody else?

We are not talking about something that requires a permit, certificate or license of any kind. The law clearly says “unlicensed” . Now if you want to get married, you get a license. But if you just want to kiss her, no license is needed. Same thing with FCC rules; ” unlicensed” is well-defined. The rules say that you can use a TV frequency that clearly is not in use.It does not require you to pay money. Is that hard to understand?

The example give here is for a high school broadcast. For Wireless Internet the rules are even easier. Soon many small towns will use vacant TV channels for Internet. Some already are. Yet at least one firm implies that you have to pay them for information you can get in the public library.

Click Here for Video about FCC white space rule.

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