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Cyber Attack: Who is to Blame?

May 19, 2017

This past week a huge Cyber attack hit the Internet. It was a form of Ransomware.

Right away some started to blame Microsoft for a defect in the Windows orating system. Many hospitals in the UK were affected.

Brad Smith, legal spokesman for the software company, said the blame should go to the government, not Microsoft.

Here is a like to a report with Brad Smith of Microsoft:

Microsoft President On Cyber-weapons.

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Now is not time to upgrade to Windows 8.

May 3, 2014

Why not? Because it is not as easy as they say it is. In the past few years there have been more changes to computer hardware and software than ever before. Here we are talking about Intel-based computers running a Windows operating system. This is not about Linux or Apple or Android based computers.

The Windows 7 operating system was first released in 2010. Later, it had a major revision in 2011. Also in that same year, Intel and others announced major revisions in the BIOS of a desktop computer. The new acronym is now UEFI. This is a new firmware design that controls how your computer starts up before it loads the operating system. It also improves the way the operating system will use the computer hardware. But why does that matter to you?

The short answer is, these new changes have made it difficult to do upgrades to your computer under some specific circumstances. To be more specific, it has to do with installing Windows 7 on a computer that has been either upgraded with either a new hard drive, a new graphics card or even a new motherboard.

Although Microsoft is aware of these problems, their current focus is on making improvements in the Windows 8 operating system and only supporting the Windows 7 operating system as needed to satisfy the needs of most users.

Users who wish to make upgrades to their computer are often not told by vendors of software and hardware that some new features now found in new computers and new hardware can make it very difficult to use Windows 7.

You want a specific example? Of course you do. Do a search on either Bing or Google for the following phrase: “Windows 7 upgrade fails.” (Do not include the quotation marks.)

Now all of this brings up another issue. What other problems are there that are not apparent or have been fully documented? These kind of things are embarrassing, both to Intel, Microsoft, plus the principal computer makers such as Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

So my recommendation is to not try to upgrade your computer at this time, unless you’re sure it is something very simple and will not cause a loss of your existing data and operating system.

Why Big Companies quite the Personal Computer Business

August 18, 2013

Why Big Companies quite the Personal Computer Business.

After all these years, only a few big companies remain in the business of selling products for the Personal Computer market. Yest there are many small companies,. In fact, even more small firms are starting up. Why is this?  Here are three reasons.

Customers want personal computer equipment to be easy to use and very low cost.  Some large companies have a hard time doing that. Personal computer users are demanding. Even more ndemaining that business users if you factor in the price range. Here is what I mean. A business user will pay $1500 for a printer and expect telephone support. A home user will pay a much lower price for a bare printer and expect the same level of support. In effect, the home users are demanding more.

Second, the Personal Computer market is changing rapidly. It is hard to sell old designs. A simple makeover will not do. Most home computes run some version of Microsoft Windows., For the past few years Microsoft has been urging manufacturers to upgrade to more sophisticated computer chips. The newest version of the operating system does not work on older computer chips. This means the companies that make computer components chips now have to offer new designs. Any radical design change is  bad news for big companies that have overstocks of older materials.

Third reason. Thank about this. More people are now buying alternatives to the traditional personal computer. Not just laptops, but tablets, phones and other devices that  have as much computing power as a personal computer bought just a few years ago. This new wave of personal computational devices are now actually cheaper that what home computers used to be. In part, this is because the new tablets, smartphones and personal fitness gadgets are made in the pacific rim area.  This trend can only grow.

Don’t be surprised if some big American personal computers companies quit.

Free Internet Broadband! But you must pay first?

June 1, 2012

Is that not a contradiction? Recently the FCC announced that anyone could use the so-called “while space” for Internet access. But it has taken almost two years to actually make this really happen . And now some opportunists out there say you ought to pay out some money to make sure it is legal! Really?

Example. Let’s say you live in arena inside the USA where you can not get channel 9. That channel has been widely used in other places for educational television. So it is not a commercial concern. Next you courage your students in a high school drama class to broadcast a high-school play over that unused channel during the evening hours. The electronics lab has a low-power transmitter with a range of about 5 miles, more or less.A retired engineer asserts you are inside the rules. There is no reason to doubt him.

Do you have to pay somebody to check your research and make sure that that channel is not in use in your area? How absurd! A volunteer engineer has already told you exactly what the law says. So why pay anybody else?

We are not talking about something that requires a permit, certificate or license of any kind. The law clearly says “unlicensed” . Now if you want to get married, you get a license. But if you just want to kiss her, no license is needed. Same thing with FCC rules; ” unlicensed” is well-defined. The rules say that you can use a TV frequency that clearly is not in use.It does not require you to pay money. Is that hard to understand?

The example give here is for a high school broadcast. For Wireless Internet the rules are even easier. Soon many small towns will use vacant TV channels for Internet. Some already are. Yet at least one firm implies that you have to pay them for information you can get in the public library.

Click Here for Video about FCC white space rule.

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Android Tablet or Apple iPad. Which?

May 12, 2012

Earlier this year, Melissa J. Perenson writing in  PCWorld  was overly impressed with the new Apple iPad, predicting that it will bring Android growth to a stop. Well, those were not her exact words. But she was very in favor o the new Apple iPad.
It is a given. What Apple does the Android market will  copy; and at a lower cost. Everybody knows that. So look at the PCWorld article and see what will soon be on the Android. Just it will be cheaper. It always is.

PCWorld Apple vs. Android.

Do you agree with me?

How to get free Cloud space.

March 26, 2012

There is a new web site that has a list of free Cloud service web sites. But first, consider a brief explanation of what Cloud space means. On the Internet that term Cloud  means of way of having access to your materials even when your computer is turned off.  Some of your files and even programs can be stored on a remote server and protected by your password.  This is not a new idea, what is new is making it available for the greater number of people.  Here’s a link to the web site I just mentioned.
Be aware that he has not verified the quality of these different web sites.


Will you lose internet on March 8?

February 26, 2012

That is the question being asked. I am going to add more to this post as I learn more. Some people are taking nit as a serious threat. It is possible. Even probable.

Obama Kills SOPA

January 18, 2012

The Software On-line Piracy Act is now dead. Congress will have to make major revisions to get the approval of the United States President.

But if it had become the law of the land, it would cripple the Inkternet, said opponents of the current version.

The entertainment industry has much to again if a similar bill is passed.  The Internet, as a whole, grins in much more money than  the entrainment industry. Opponents say claim  the current version would make the economy worse, not better.

For more on this, just go to your favorite news web site.


Safe Nuclear Energy is not a dream.

December 18, 2011

You already know that both bombs and Nuclear power plants used U-238 as the major source of poser. This form of uranium is very dangerous.

There always has been others ways to harness the power of the atom.. Other kinds of reactors have used Thorium as the principal fuel. In Nature, Thorium is just one isotope, Th-233. You can look it up.  You may be surprized to find that it is much safer that U-238 in a power plant.

Oh, forgot to mention. you can not use Tn-233 to make a bomb.

Keywords: Thorium, Uranium, Nuclear.


Stop! Your computer is infected, again.

July 11, 2011

Here we go again. Everybody telling you to protect yourself from a new computer virus. This has being going on for years. Nothing really new. It is the same old stuff.  After all, millions of people are still using their personal computers and do not have any serious problems.  Yes,  you do have to take some precautions. But don’t believer everything you hear about the computer virus problem.