Stop using Windows XP -Now!

May 4, 2011

That is what an agency of the US government is telling citizens. The older Windows Operating System has too many security holes and Microsoft, the maker of Windows XP, is soon going to stop support of the ten-year old Desktop Software.
For more information, you can find this information on the web doing a search on “NSA XP” and you will find articles the relate to this news story that was released in early part of May this year.


Dont buy a new laptop. Not yet. Wait.

May 3, 2011

If you are thinking about buying a new laptop computer, thank again. The new laptops are overpriced an dare not functionally much better tat ones that were sold three years ago. Wait awhile. The prices are rising due to the eathquake in Japan, Just wait.

About Wireless Internet

December 26, 2010

Many now are getting internet service via a wireless provider. This is not a new thing. But there are some things coming that will make it the principal way of getting Urban service.
I will do some research into this and share what I learn here on my blog here on word press.

What? Cheap DSL for real?

November 21, 2007

Cheap DSL for real?

Get new DSL for $10 with free modem.

We understand that ATT has to offer DSL service in former BellSouth areas for just $10 per month and it has to be the same 768 kilo bit service that otherwise would be $14.95 per month. Some Blogs are saying that they do not want to advertise this very much. Instead, they want to lock you in on the higher price. Once you get the higher price you can not drop back.

Does anybody have recent information on this? The last article I saw was dated back in July. How come I never heard of this until I started poking around the ATT site and just kind of fell into it?